How to Rebuild your GMC Chevy BBC 396 402 427 454 Video Manual “DVD”

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9 Apr 2012

How to Rebuild your GMC Chevy BBC 396 402 427 454 Video Manual “DVD”

BRAND NEW VIDEO!! IT’S EASY TO REBUILD OR MODIFY FOR PERFORMANCE ANY BIG BLOCK CHEVY 396, 402, 427, 454, OR 502 “RAT MOTOR” WITH THIS SUPER DETAILED, EASY TO FOLLOW, FULLY NARRATED, INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO / DVD. Pictured engine is actual engine being rebuilt in this video. So, if you’re thinking about rebuilding or modifying your own Chevy big block “Rat motor”, this video is where you need to start. You can get more power, save big $$$ money, and learn many professional engine assembly tips by doing it yourself !! If you’re like most people, things are easier when you watch it get done first, rather than trying to read a complicated instruction book. That’s why I put this video together!! Explained in plain, easy to understand english with details you just can’t learn from a book. It’s easy to follow and shows you step-by-step complete teardown and engine reassembly, including piston and piston ring filing for correct ring end gap, crankshaft, connecting rod and cylinder head installation. Complete valvetrain disassembly, inspection, and reassembly is demonstrated. Also, front and rear main seal replacement. We show you how to correctly stab the distributor for a perfect start-up every time! This video applies to all Chevy big blocks engines. Many tips on how to keep parts organized are also included. A decent set of hand tools are mostly all thats needed. We show you how to inspect all engine parts and bearings for normal wear and tear. Also shows how to find TDC (top dead center) for correct timing chain and gears installation. Includes many new assembly secrets for a better running, stronger, longer lasting, higher horsepower, improved fuel economy, leak free, and more reliable engine. Dvd shows you how to identify your block, crank, etc. by their identification marks. We show how to bolt in a higher lift cam for increased power, as well as our cam suggestions. Performance intake manifold selection is discussed. We show you how to make your engine strong, leak free, and reliable. All gasket, bearing, bolt, etc. part numbers are given also. How to read use plastigauge to check critical main and rod bearing clearances. Correct rocker arm adjustment procedure is also demonstrated. Includes all necessary factory bolt torque specs. Tool usage and care tips also included. We first start the video by showing you how to put your engine on the stand…and how a “cherry picker” engine hoist works. We show you the correct way to check your piston ring end gap and file the rings to size if needed, and then install your pistons, rods using a piston ring compressor. This video would be helpful even if you just want to see how to swap your cam or set up your timing chain, or replace your intake/carb. How to set the valve lash for the cam is also shown. This home produced video shows many power building secrets you can do right at home for a stronger and more reliable engine. Watching it get done first makes all the difference! See for a free sample video clip! Run time: 240 minutes. 24 chapters. FAST SHIPPING! Usually ships same or next day. Available in DVD only. Thanks for bidding!! PS. We always leave positive feedback for buyers!

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