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18 Feb 2010



The 5-Speed Transmission Video Manual In 60 minutes You will know what’s in your 5 Speed transmission, and how it works. You’ll also learn how to tear down and repair your stock 5 Speed tranny. Saving you $1000′s of dollars !!! Hey you’ll even make a few $1000′s cash on the side!!! After today you will no longer have to fear, guess, or wonder, what has to be done to fix your tranny’s oil leaks. Absolutely no previous mechanical experience necessary… Finally it’s gone, all the confusion, fear and mystery surrounding your 5 Speed transmission. You would have to pay $10,000,s of dollars and go to school to try and get the knowledge that is in your Video Manuals collection. Even then you won’t get all the knowledge contained in your Video Manuals. For example Harley, that’s right Harley Davidson themselves, unfortunately leave important information out of their original Harley Davidson workshop manuals !! You’ll also learn how to transform your stock 5 speed transmission into a very strong, high performance tranny. Capable of handling just about anything you’ll dish out, whether it be pulling 9 seconds at the quarter mile or pulling your big old dresser up through those mountain passes. You’ll see how to make your 5 speed tranny fit into a four speed frame, as well as how to time and eliminate all of those annoying oil leaks. Tried and Proven Methods… You will also learn what causes, and how to get rid, of the hard gear shifting and jumping out gear problems as they develop. Here’s exactly what you’ll learn with this Video Manual. How to build a very strong High Performance 5 speed Transmission. How to completely service Your transmission. How to recognize all parts of Your 5 speed transmission. How to service your 5 speed Transmission. How to change your 1st gear ratios How to tear down and rebuild Your main shaft and counter shaft. How to check for the correct tolerances and clearances of Your bearings, gears and shafts. How to correctly set your shifter drum end play. How to quickly bench test Your 5 speed transmission before you install it. How to set your shifter pawl How to seal your 5 speed tranny so that it will not leak. You’ll learn what tools you need and How to use those tools for each step. You’ll learn little known tricks of the trade that would normally take years to learn, direct from one of the worlds leading manufacturers. Plus Much More! Your Video Manuals are unique in that we have the support and co-operation of leading Harley Davidson aftermarket manufacturers in giving you the most up to date information and skills on each of your Video Manuals. You’ll take great pride in the fact, that now, you will be able to answer almost any casual technical question about your 5 speed tranny, or if you choose to, you can simply Tear down and rebuild your own high performance 5 speed transmission. On Oct-24-07 at 18:08:35 PDT, seller added the following information: NOTE TO EBAY…WE ARE LISCENSED RESELLERS OF THIS VIDEO

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