Make Easy Money On Ebay at Home

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5 Nov 2010

Make Easy Money On Ebay at Home

Make Easy Money On Ebay at Home

Did you know that nearly 1 Million Americans make a Regular Income Selling on the internet? You have read the rag to riches stories,the sick guy who couldn’t do anything else and all of a sudden,they found the secret to making money,the mystery auctions,blah,blah,blah,etc. They show a few pictures of either a middle income home with there Joe average vehicle or the fake pictures of some celebrity mansion with a $200,000 sports car in front of it.They either claim to make hundred’s of dollars a day or millions a year. The sellers with the low to middle income real secret to the semi-success is just selling the CD of nonsense information. Millions of Dollars a year Claims are just that,just a claim. Well,I am nothing like those sellers,Im a modivated hard working person who makes a high SIX FIGURE income (See 5 month statement from 2008) and the pictures you see are my actual home in Illinois,my Florida vacation home,my husband’s 2006 hummer H2 and my 2008 Corvette. We own other vehicles (I drive my 2008 lincoln Navigator in the winter) and many other nice things,but you get the idea. I sell online on E bay with various accounts based on the products for ease of tax reasons and also on various websites. I do all this while still being able to take care of my kids. You can’t beat making a high income while working part time at home. With our methods,My husband also enjoys semi-retirement and now has more time to spend in the gym,coach our son’s sports and do all the other things we both enjoy. Life is too short to be working 60-80 hours a week for a low to middle income and having no time to enjoy whatever income you make. “But,What If You Had A Proven Success Blueprint That Would Allow You To Create A CEO’s Income From Home… …and You Can Do It Without Chasing Friends and Family,Putting Out Flyers or Ever Doing Another 1-on-1 Presentation?” (This is NOT MLM or Network Marketing) Are You Serious About Making Money? Or Just Seriously Talking About It? Subject: How To Create Cash On Demand In Less than 15 Hours A Week, Run Circles Around Your Former Boss and Spend More Time With Friends and Family Than You Ever Dreamed… Dear Fellow E bayer: I’m going to be very direct with you with no “warm up”: This system could be a waste of your time. Chances are good that this isn’t for you. Most people are way too lazy.If you’re looking for “something for nothing” or get rich scheme, this isn’t for you. I appreciate your time but just go ahead and hit the “Back” button or look for another auction. This isn’t a “sales letter”. I’m uninterested in convincing you or persuading you to change your life. To be perfectly honest, I’m far enough along the path that I don’t have to do that kind of babysitting. It’s much more refreshing just to put this information out there and then only spend time with the people who have a real, burning desire to create a dramatic increase in their income within the first 10 days in business. And while the money is great, the best part is that it’s almost completely hassle-free. Get this: I don’t use flyers or brochures. I don’t get dressed up and do hotel meetings. I don’t do one-on-one presentation at coffee shops I don’t do home parties. I don’t run around town putting flyers on windshield wipers. I don’t go to rubber-chicken Chamber of Commerce luncheons to try to find people for my business. I don’t mail postcards. I don’t draw circles on whiteboards I don’t mail out samples of products. I don’t make lists of friends and family I don’t strike up conversations with strangers. In other words, I don’t do most of the things that you might think are required to make money in a home-based business. Instead, I use a simple and effective system that allows me to earn more money in a week than many people do in a month. Would you like to see my system? I’ll show it to you. In fact, here’s some good news: Anyone who is coachable, trainable and willing to actually do the work can achieve the same results I have! What is “coachable and trainable”? It means doing something that makes sense and not re-inventing the wheel. It means following a simple “No Guesswork Blueprint” so that you know exactly where you are, where you’re going and how to get there. Some people are reading this right now and thinking: “This sounds too good to be true….can I really turn my annual income into a monthly income?” Well, let me share this with you: “too good to be true” is a superstition for people who believe that making a nice income from home requires years of hard work. If you’re dead serious about creating the life you really do deserve…then I will show you EXACTLY what I’m doing to achieve that from the comfort of my own home — HASSLE FREE. Interested? Buy my plan and hopefully it will be your path to IMMEDIATE success. Yes! I CAN give you my methods to create an executive-level income with a significant income in the first 30 days. IMPORTANT: This is NOT a “work at home job” for me or anyone else. This is a home-based business where you will be working and building financial freedom for yourself. Also, this is not a free ground-floor, pre-launch opportunity where you can get involved for free and get others to do the same…. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How much time will I have to invest in order to be successful? Great question. If you’re coachable and trainable, are willing to follow a simple step-by-step system, then you will be able to see a substantial profit by working only 5-15 hours a week,the more you work,the more you will make. Is it difficult? We have a simple system that actually eliminates all the hassles that you’ve probably had to deal with in a home business. Let me give you a snapshot of what my business looks like: This is not MLM or network marketing. That’s a great business for people who like to build large organizations. But, this is a home-business for grown ups. It’s a business where you can get into a substantial profit on Ebay and other websites. No more wimpy commissions or having most of the money go to your upline. Most businesses pay pennies on the dollar. In our business, no one will make more money on your work than YOU do! Lastly, we teach you the the simple secrets and nuts-and-bolts methods of creating “cash on demand” on a daily and weekly basis. No more spinning your wheels trying to make something happen. You can actually have your first profits less than a week from your winning bid.. What is a realistic income goal for someone who’s just getting started? The term “realistic” automatically requires you to think smaller than you want to. It assumes that you can’t have what you want….you can only have what is “realistic”. I’m interested in selling this to people that want a realistic income on Ebay or more by growing to other websites.! Someone’s who has goals and the determination can achieve this. If you’re coachable, trainable and don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you’re willing to listen I’ll show you how you can turn your present monthly income into a good weekly or daily income goal. This sounds too good to be true. That’s what I thought to when I was told about it. But is that a good enough reason to stop looking? Let me share this with you. Yes, there ARE scams out there. And sometimes there ARE things that aren’t real. But, this isn’t one of them. This is a real business with real products and a real opportunity for you to achieve the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. What does this business consist of? No inventory to hold, no premises to rent, no stock spoilage or returns to deal with and practically zero cost or risk involved to start with. Once up and running your new business will practically manage itself and you will be able to decide whenever and wherever you want to do a little work. Is this an Ebook,like so many other sellers sell? Absolutely not,I sell tangible products. You can touch it, feel it and hold it in your hand. Real products sold to the end-consumer…. products that there is a market for. In fact, we’re in a multi-billion dollar industry marketing a product that people literally spend millions of dollars on daily. The market is huge. Are you for real? Yes,like I said before I have a real home office based in the U.S.A. I have a nice house in the Chicago suburbs and a nice vacation home in Florida that I show pictures of. I don’t show phony pictures of homes and cars that they don’t even own like some sellers do that are really owned by the Donald Trumps and other celebrities of the world. I have a real track-record of success and a real opportunity for you to create the income you’ve always wanted. You will be following a very simple “paint by numbers” system that works for anyone who’s sincerely interested in following a proven system to making good money. It’s real. So, how serious are you? PAYMENT INFORMATION:Paypal Only SHIPPING INFORMATION: $2.00 shipping cost which covers getting your CD shipped First Class USPS with delivery confirmation. IMP0RTANT AND PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING!!!! All sales are final,please don’t demand a refund because you did not read the auction clearly,changed your mind,lost your job,lost your mind,decided it was not for you or someone in your home used your account,etc.You get the picture. Im not a department store and Ebay is just an auction site. Lastly,If you are mean,hostile,impatient,accusing,demeaning,harsh,demanding or just plain get a kick out of making someone’s day miserable just because you can by hiding behind a computer,then please do not bid on any of my auctions.I don’t mean to sound so harsh,but lately I have been running into psycho bidders on some of my auctions who can’t seem to read or even understand what they bid on?But yet,they never asked questions before bidding,put in a paypal dispute(Of course lost) and then try to blackmail me by threatening negative or bad feedback. So,Please Im begging you,if you are not a nice happy person like me,please move on to the next seller. Thanks and God bless to all the great E bayers out there!

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