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20 Feb 2010



WANT IT NOW? BUY IT NOW FROM THIS AUCTION FOR $19.99 OR CLICK HERE AND GET NOW IT FOR ONLY $4.99 SquareTrade © AP6.0 LOTTERY-MEGA CHEAT SYSTEM (Works for Mega Millions Power Ball, 649 Lotto, Pick 3, Super 7 as well !) Learn How To Make INSTANT CASH By Cheating at the Lottery and Lotto! “Risk-free and 100% Guaranteed to earn you BIG $$$” This is not a wheeling system, it is a system that guarantees an AMAZING win ratio IF you follow it to the letter! It works on EVERY pick 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 out of a pool of 30-70 game that EXISTS in the entire world! That pretty much covers EVERY MAJOR LOTTERY GAME YOU CAN PLAY IN ANY COUNTRY! Needless to say, I can’t give away much about the system… suffice it to say it has worked VERY WELL for my husband and I over the last year. I also include a BONUS online casino system that is GUARANTEED to put $2k-$4k in your pocket inside of a week with only like 2hrs/day, AND a BONUS 100% WIN system for the UK National Lottery that you can’t get ANYWHERE else! With that last system, you can WIN EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU PLAY GUARANTEED, but it only works for the UK national lottery… I really should start selling that one separately for $100 or so like I used to on my website… you make that back and then a lot more the first time you use the system! Anyway, Happy Bidding! “Definitely the Most Effective Product on the Market Hands Down!” I have been playing the lottery for over 20 years, spent a lot of time and money on different products purporting to help you win constantly. But all of them were useless and did not significantly increase my lottery profits. Not so with this amazing state-of-the-art lottery cheating guide. This short, easy and extremely effective guide is guaranteed to help you make big money, fast! This is definitely the most effective product on the market ? hands down!? R.D. Jacobs Lottery Professional Publishing Publisher of Lottery Investigator Dear Hopeful Lottery Winner! Have you had enough of throwing away your hard-earned money, week in and week out, with no results or just to win measly pocket change? Are you tired of expensive ?Lottery Kits? and complicated software that do not even come close to increasing your odds of winning? If so, you are in the right place! What if I told you that I have consistently been making huge lottery profits cheating the lottery system, and only for a limited time I am willing to teach a few lucky candidates my highly coveted and heavily guarded secret cheating methods. What if I also told you that while my techniques are unconventional, violate the rules of the gaming industry and are a bit outrageous, they are not illegal and will never be detected. If you are ready to take your luck into your own hands and if you are not afraid to break a few rules you must not stop there, you must give yourself the REAL CHANCE to make it big. Keep reading and you will see why this is your biggest break! I am Going to do you a Favor and be Absolutely Frank with You: *FACT* If you came across my Ebay Listing, you must have already tried, or at least thought of trying, all the so called ?Lottery Kits? that pick numbers for you and promise to turn you into a millionaire overnight! *FACT* *MYTH* ?Lottery Kits? and software will guarantee you win big. *MYTH* *FACT* The conventional lottery software out there do not increase your chances of winning; you might as well let a 3-year-old child pick out your numbers! *FACT* *MYTH* There is no way to GUARANTEE a win in the lottery *MYTH* *FACT* There is now a way to guarantee yourself a massive income by learning how to EXPLOIT the lottery system to your advantage! *FACT* *MYTH* You can win consistently without bending the rules! *MYTH* *FACT* You must be bold enough to bend the rules in order to BEAT the system and WIN consistently! *FACT* I WILL GIVE YOU ANOTHER FACT *FACT* The Lottery-Cheaters Guide is the ONLY guide out there that will teach you how to beat the system STEP-BY-STEP *FACT* LET ME THROW IN ONE LAST FACT *FACT* If you do not buy this product NOW you will FOREVER WONDER whether you really had the chance to make riches using my guide. If you buy this product you will learn the secrets behind this MONEY MAKING STRATEGY ? 100% Guaranteed!!! *FACT* But you don’t have to put your trust in me, simply read a few samples of the hundreds of testimonials that have been sent to me, from those who were bold enough to try out my strategies. “Your Line of Thinking is so Over-The-Top and Ingenious that I was Jumping in my Seat While Reading It!” Oh man! What an amazing product. After debating for a bit I finally decided to buy your guide, and do I ever feel lucky to have made that decision! Your line of thinking is so over-the-top and ingenious that I was jumping in my seat while reading it. I could not put the book down and began trying your techniques as soon as I finished reading. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make it big. Never in my 13 years of constantly playing the California mega million lottery had I won so much and with such ease! I especially loved the information about how winning tickets can be claimed simultaneously at several shops ? that was ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!? Thanks a million! Mark Cohn San Diego, California WANT IT NOW? BUY IT NOW FROM THIS AUCTION FOR $19.99 OR CLICK HERE AND GET NOW IT FOR ONLY $4.99 ” Made as Much as $235,000 This Year Alone! ” Your guide changed my outlook on lottery games! I’ve been playing ever since I went to college and since then all I was winning were small amounts. I am 43 now and you can imagine that I have been losing more money than I won in my years combined. I simply thought I wasn?t lucky, until I bought your great book. I just wanted to thank you, I have made as much as $235,000 this year playing the lotto Texas alone and capitalizing on your techniques. I just hope no one else buys this system, because it means that there is more money for me to be made!!! (I am as devious as you Charles, can you tell?!) Cheers! Janet Nuyeung Houston, Texas Here is a Sample of Just Some of the Extreme Tactics that you Will Learn to Use when You Buy my Ultimate Cheating Guide! > The Lottery Cheater s Guide will teach you to guarantee your odds of winning ANY type of lottery in virtually EVERY COUNTRY that has a national lottery system > Secret Strategies that will put in your hand A CRYSTAL BALL to see exactly what your winning numbers are! > Information that will allow you to learn the lottery system inside and out leading you to become the master of your domain and call the shots! > Domains and step-by-step instructions to find out exactly how to increase your odds by at least a thousand times! > And much, much more that cannot be revealed! A Little Secret Revealed!! You DON’T have to be “LUCKY” in Order to Win the Lottery Another Little Secret!! The Lottery Can be Played Strategically Just like Other Games with Wide Odds of Winning One Last Secret!! If You do not Start Playing the Lottery Strategically You Will Keep WASTING YOUR MONEY!! I am sure you are not very surprised by my dirty little revelations and just like me had a good hunch that this is true. But unlike me, YOU are still wasting valuable time and money playing the lottery the OLD-FASHIONED WAY. I am giving you the opportunity to play in the 21st CENTURY, but only if you are MENTALLY PREPARED TO WIN! ARE YOU MENTALLY PREPARED TO WIN? In my experience people play the lottery for 5 main reasons and can be classified as 5 types of personalities: The Leisurely Player – this is basically the person that is just in the habit of buying one lottery ticket every month or so. He or she has no aspirations of winning, and is quite content with his or her life. Playing the lottery is simply a passed-time for this player. The Gambler – The gambler is lost in his dreams. This player is addicted to putting the money up and waiting for the rush he will get when he wins. This player will gamble with any game, and the lottery is just the cheapest. The Strategic Player – this is an intellectual player. He is motivated by finding new ways to beat the system. He gets a rush from cracking new holes and finding new tactics. Money is not the primary motivation! The Money Player – this player will walk on fire to get money! He will do anything to win, and I mean anything. If you want to use my system and win you cannot be ANY of these players! I am being honest with you, when I say that you must be a STRATEGIC-MONEY PLAYER! Not just a money player, because a money player will at times do stupid things that are not worth the money; and not simply a strategic player, because that player is not fully motivated by the end result – which is WINNING! In order to win big money, you must be a STRATEGIC-MONEY PLAYER and NOTHING LESS!! If however you are HUNGRY for cash and do not care if you step on a few toes to get it then you must seize this opportunity to get your hands on the most mind twisting lottery cheating secrets ever revealed. As long as you have a strong motivation to succeed and are willing to use tactics that some regard as devious then you are ready to follow my simple instructions and start making the kind on money you only dreamed of! But even if you are not a strategic player, if you are motivated by money, MY LOTTERY CHEATER’S GUIDE will provide you with the STRATEGY to make ONE KILLER COMBINATION! “I Read How this Player Brought in Over $30,000 in ONE Month!” “Even though your system is over the top Charles, and will tend to offend many people, you provided me with the right combination of motivation and expertise to beat the system. I made $32,000 last month in the Florida Fantasy 5! I will never go back to the conventional way of playing the lottery! You are the man Charles! ” Thomas Brown Orlando, Florida Dirty Little Secret: You DO NOT Need Talent or Skill To Make Lots of $$ at Playing Lottery… I now that probably flies in the face of everything you have been taught about lottery – but it is absolutely 100% true! The lottery environment is rife with vulnerabilities that I have been successfully exploiting to generate enormous wealth for me and my family. For reasons I will discuss later I have decided to release my revolutionary tactics to a few lucky people in the form of an easy to follow, immediately actionable e-book! Inside my one-of-a-kind cheating manual you will find all of my super sneaky cheating strategies presented in a simple format that will have your eyes popping and your wallet growing! Everything included in this auction: 2 Ebooks Ebook 1: The best E-book on lottery winning/strategies online! Get it now to become a winner yourself. Ebook 2: Also, a GUARANTEED way to Scalp Online casinos so you can have some starting capital for playing The Lottery System and WINNING BIG!!! Note to Ebay Staff: I HAVE FULL RESALE RIGHTS TO THIS AND EVERY OTHER EBOOK AND SOFTWARE PRODUCT I LIST ON EBAY. Shipping & Handling cost: If you wish to have it mailed to you on a CD add an additional $2.99 S&H to the cost for US orders. Orders being shipped outside the US will have additional shipping charges calculated and added accordingly. Or shipping cost is USD 0.00 (Free) for pick-up or others, please inform us in email. Thank you for your bidding consideration. WANT IT NOW? BUY IT NOW FROM THIS AUCTION FOR $19.99 OR CLICK HERE AND GET NOW IT FOR ONLY $4.99 Traffic Brokers is committed to your complete satisfaction with all our products and services. MAKE $500,000 w/ PROVEN LOTTO LOTTERY SYSTEM WIN MONEY $ Win Dollars GUARANTEED TO WIN WITH THIS GUIDE $ Don’t have a Pay Pal Account? Click here and Sign Up FREE. We appreciate your positive feedback. See More Traffic Offers Increase Traffic- 500 Real Website Visitors 500 Real Website Visitors Increase Traffic- 1000 Real Website Visitors 1000 Real Website Visitors Increase Traffic- 10,000 Real Website Visitors 10,000 Real Website Visitors Increase Traffic- 20,000 Real Website Visitors 20,000 Real Website Visitors Increase Traffic- 40,000 Real Website Visitors 40,000 Real Website Visitors Visit my eBay Store:Traffic Brokers Summary of My Selling Policies Payment I accept Paypal, credit cards. I offer combined shipping on multiple auction wins. All sales are final (unless otherwise specified). Payment is due within 10 days. Due to bidders NOT leaving feedback, I will leave feedback ONLY after feedback has been left for me. To place a bid of US $15,000.00 or more, you’ll need to provide a valid credit card or complete the ID Verify process ($5). Payments to other parties cannot be honored. If you do not intend to buy, than please do not place a bid, I follow e-Bays policy of reporting non-paying bidders. Fees Sales tax Seller charges sales tax for items shipped to: TX* (6.250%). I offer combined shipping on multiple auction wins. Shipping Shipping, payment details and return policy Shipping Cost Services Available Service Transit Time* Available to US $12.95 US Postal Service Priority Mail?? (Or otherwise specified by buyer. Buyer pays shipping fees) If you do not receive an e-mail from my e-mail address within 12 hours after the auction ends, then the e-mail bounced or was filtered out by your ISP mail server. If this happens, e-mail me at , and I will re-invoice you. Delivery Estimated delivery 2-3 days United States only. *Sellers are not responsible for service transit time. Transit times are provided by the carrier, exclude weekends and holidays, and may vary with package origin and destination, particularly during peak periods. Will ship to Worldwide. 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