How to Build your own KNEX ROLLER COASTER k’nex manual

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2 Mar 2010

How to Build your own KNEX ROLLER COASTER k'nex manual

How to Build your own KNEX ROLLER COASTER k’nex manual

!!SPECIAL OFFER!!you can buy this item right now for just $4 at this listing 170448851610Just copy that item number into the eBay search field and it will take you to it. The price is $9.99 but I am accepting offers of $4 for the next few days ONLY!!!!Do you want to build your very own custom K’NEX ROLLER COASTER but don’t know where to begin? I have created a great e-book that has the answers to all your questions. It’s a very simple and easy to use how to guide on how to get started. The manual will show you: exactly which pieces are needed to build your own coaster, and the best places to get themthe different styles of coasters you can create, and how to create themStep by step guide on how to create different effects on your coaster I am a KNEXPERT and KNEX ROLLER COASTER ENTHUSIAST OF OVER 15 years.Don’t wait! get started on building your very own custom coaster today!FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I put a lot of time into making this guide, and I am positive you will absolutely love it, and this is why I am offering a full money back guarantee. You will receive the full document in pdf format right after the purchase! FREE BONUS: To all who purchase my manual, I offer ongoing tech support to answer any question whatsoever and help solve issues that arise during your building process. So if you get stuck on something, I’m just an email away with a suggestion! Rather than just giving you another set of plain jane instructions on how to build a pre designed coaster. This manual goes furhter – the whole fun of building is desinged the coaster on your own and not having to follow someone elses design. Trust me it’s a much more rewarding expierience – and that’s what I aim to do. This e-book was created by me, and is copyrighted material

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