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12 Mar 2010



- BiblioFlip – Established Dealers Of Premium Digital Documents – BiblioFlip – HOW TO BUILD A STITCHING HORSE LEARN TO REPAIR LEATHER Leatherwork has been practiced for thousands of years. People have used the skins of other animals for uses such as water containers and clothing. Today we still enjoy leather coats, shoes and handbags. Those that create leather goods require some training in simple techniques in order to satisfy our tastes. These books detail embossing, burning, repairing leather and even building a stitching horse. For a quick, easy way to learn the arts of leatherworking, this 5 PDF book CD contains conscise information to help you learn your craft. You’ll find them at your fingertips anytime you need them. Check Out The 5 Books On This CD! Plus, Buy The CD & Get The Downloads For Free – See Below! EMBOSSING & MODELING LEATHER BEGINNER INSTRUCTIONS Leather embossing is an easy skill to acquire, the equipment is small and inexpensive and the materials are rich and durable. What better material for the novice to work with? This vintage early 1900′s text details four distinct projects intended for novice children to follow. They are very well written and detailed with illustrations. The practices taught in this digital document can be used to create other works in leather as well. This is a superb source for any budding leatherworker and even the old-timer looking for a few tricks he or she may have missed. Check Out Some Screen Grabs From This Document… Check Out The Contents Of This Digital Document: How To Make A Note-Book How To Make A Card-Case How To Make A Magazine Cover Carved Leather Napkin Ring INTRO TO BOOK BINDING – SIMPLE DIRECTIONS FOR BEGINNERS Bookbinding is a great hobby to undertake for any age. Creating books, or rebinding old, worn out copies can easily be accomplished by the beginner, with a little instruction. This digital document from the early 1900′s details a simple method of binding books. It contains working-drawings and detailed descriptions of the processes. This would make a great class project, especially if the books themselves were created by the class. And, it will certainly aid the novice book-binder in learning this craft. Imagine the uses for such a talent as rebinding old books. A superb addition to your digital information library. Check Out Some Screen Grabs From This Document… Check Out The Contents Of This Digital Document: Forwarding End Papers Marking-up Sewing Gluing-up Rounding & Backing Cutting & Lacing-in Boards Lining-up Head-bands Paring Covering Assistant Finishing Finishing INTRO TO PYROGRAPHY BURNING DESIGNS ON WOOD & LEATHER Pyrography, or fire-etching, is the art of burning a design on wood or leather by means of a red-hot point. It presents few difficulties to the beginner and pleasing results may be quickly obtained. Wood yields wonderful results when etched in this fashion and is talked about in this digital document. For an interesting craft activity regardless of your age or level of knowledge, pyrography is something to consider. The materials are easy to obtain and even though this document was created in the early 1900′s, the techniques still hold true today. A great addition to the woodworkers & crafters document library. Check Out Some Screen Grabs From This Document… BUILD A STITCHING HORSE TOOL PLANS FOR LEATHER WORKERS The stitching horse described in this vintage 1910′s document is a superb addition to your leatherworking digital instruction library. It details fully the construction of a beautiful piece of equipment including a complete bill of materials and detailed illustrations. Being built of any hardwood such as oak, maple, beech or birch, this could be a family heirloom in the future! This is a very hard to find plan for a very useful tool to the leather-worker. It is superbly written, clearly illustrated and within the reach of most craftsmen. For A Beautiful Gift For The Leatherworker, And Surely A Wonderful Product To Sell Once Constructed! Check Out Some Screen Grabs From This Document… REPAIR WORK LEATHER LEATHERWORK TRUNKS SHOES ETC Leatherwork when much worn is seldom restored, and, except by a few experts, it is generally regarded as incurable. Repairing leather can be done in the same manner in which the article was originally created, that is by sewing. Or, it can be done, as the original author of this 1900′s document suggests, in a more scientific manner. This document was written by a person with some apparent experience in repairing leather. He notes his accomplishments in his efforts to repair important pieces for others, then gives an account of how the reader may do the same. He also discusses his concept of a shoe heel & sole that an upper of leather can be added to. He mentions this as being a very inexpensive means of having new shoes. The style may not be up to today’s fashion standards, but it is an interesting side-note to this document. Check Out Some Screen Grabs From This Document… Check Out The Contents Of This Digital Document: Introduction Re-Finishing A Book Cover WaterProofing Repairs Strap-Joint Repairs Strong Cement For Leather Recipe Waterproof Cement For Trunks Recipe A Cheap (& Stylish) Shoe Blackening Recipe For Attaching Leather To Metal Recipe For Artificial Leather Leather Strap Repair Cement Recipe Buy With Confidence, I’m PayPal Verified Special Bonus! Buy The CD And Get The Downloads For Free! Purchase this CD with the books listed above & I’ll send an email to your PayPal address with download links to the books. (Email Automatically Delivered 24/7/365) Download The Books While You Wait For The PO To Deliver The CD! You Will Receive One High Quality CD As Shown Your CD Is Shipped Via USPS First Class Mail All PDF Files Listed Above Are Included + Freebies Works On All Operating Systems With A PDF Viewer Includes Free Windows PDF Viewing/Printing Software PDF Files On CD Only – We Do Not Sell Physical Books COPYRIGHT © – BIBLIOFLIP – ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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